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Since 2014, 726 programs totaling 28,579 kids in Georgia have fundraised with Snap! Raise. Those participants have benefitted from a better approach to school and sports fundraising, generating $2,941,929!


Fundraising ideas differ depending on location and group or sport type, but in a recent study of Snap! Raise customers, 75% of programs across the country agree that they "totally rely" or "rely a great deal" on fundraising.

We’ve scoured our  fundraising data and gathered insights from real fundraisers to share the story of fundraising in Georgia in 2019. 


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Total Dollars Raised in 2019

Snap! Raise fundraisers have raised $1,077,623 for groups, clubs, and teams across Georgia. 



Total Fundraising Participants in 2019

Over 10,307 kids in Georgia have benefitted from Snap! Raise's digital fundraising process. 



Total Donations in 2019

With over 20,068 total donations in Georgia, fans of programs have shown they are willing to donate to support.


Fundraising in Middle School

As the amount of Georgia Middle School fundraisers with Snap! Raise grow, that means more kids get to play.

Female Representation

Women in sports are essential and of the 10,307+ kids in Georgia who have benefitted from fundraising with Snap! Raise, 27.9% of groups are girls programs.

Non-sport Campaigns

Band Fundraisers, ROTC Fundraisers, Robotics Fundraisers -- programs of all types in Georgia choose Snap! Raise to help them grow.

Highest Amount Raised

That's enough to purchase 453+ baseball bats, tennis rackets and uniforms! Of the best fundraising ideas, a Snap! Raise fundraiser delivers results while minimizing the time invested by the program.

Average Funds Raised

On average, a Snap! Raise fundraiser in Georgia raised $4,645 in 2019 -- big impact for any program type.

Total Groups

233 groups, clubs, and sports team fundraisers in Georgia met their financial needs and supported their participants with Snap! Raise.
Fundraising on the Mind

Beyond the numbers, the stories behind Snap! Raise fundraisers are powerful examples of driving impact and creating positive change in communities.

A wide range of groups, clubs, and teams in Georgia have run successful fundraisers with Snap! Raise. The ease and safety of the Snap! Raise platform makes it the powerful fundraiser of choice in Georgia. 


Here are two campaigns that highlight that it doesn’t matter what type of group you are or where you are located, Snap! Raise will help you reach your goals


Dalton, Georgia

Most Raised with the Least Amount of Work

Dalton Cheer coach had tried it all - all different fundraisers and accepted that it was a tedious, boring, not super successful process. She has many parents offer to write a check IF they didn't have to actually purchase the cookie dough. 
When she was presented with Snap! Raise, she was excited to try it because it was less effort than selling a product, took less time away from practice, and fit the need of donors who didn't actually want cookie dough or wrapping paper - and in the first 45 minutes of their campaign, they raised $1200 and met their goal that day. This cheer team raised more money with Snap! Raise than they had ever raised before. 

Tunnel Hill, Georgia

Snap! Raise is a fundraiser that brings people together.

NW Whitfield Volleyball coach found that the value of a Snap! Raise campaign comes from its ability to reach far and wide. Through the Snap! Raise fundraiser, participants can invite relatives and friends who live in other cities, states, and even countries. Historically NW Whitfield Volleyball ran t-shirt fundraisers, but one of the player's grandma lives in Oregon and wasn't interested in having a t-shirt shipped to her. Snap! Raise allowed her grandmother to support her from afar. 


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