Snap! Spend, formerly Groundwork

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Snap! Spend and Groundwork
Snap! Spend, formerly Groundwork is your easy-to-use and comprehensive technology for financial management.

Why Groundwork by Snap! Spend

We believe groups and programs thrive when they engage their stakeholders through financial transparency. Groundwork banking and budgeting help them do that.
Programs often lack effective financial oversight and controls. And sadly money goes missing. We're here to enable groups to manage money with confidence and responsibility.
We strive to give all groups access to world-class financial management that anyone can manage. We're building an intuitive, all-in-one platform to do that.

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What is Snap! Spend



End-to-end financial management. Snap! Spend combines everything you need to run your team or club in one system to save you time and give you a complete picture of your finances all in one place.


Budget, track expenses and share. Snap! Spend gives you an easy way to budget for anticipated expenses and easily track spending against your budget.


Organize, track and accept team funds. Snap! Spend conveniently summarizes your collections progress and directs your attention to the important stuff. Instantly know which payments and players need your attention. 

It couldn't be easier to use

Managing your team finances with Snap! Spend

Ease of Use for Families

Snap! Spend gives you an online portal to manage and pay your dues, secured with the same bank-level encryption used by major banks.
Snap! Spend gives team & club organizers the ability to share budgets and spending with families so they can see where their money is going.
Pay all upfront or enroll in autopay to pay over the season. You remain in full control and are never billed without your permission. Log in and stop payments or leave the group at any time.

How Snap! Spend, formerly Groundwork has helped other programs.

International Academy Central Florida
Rob Morton, Operations Director of Liverpool FC International Academy, sought out Groundwork because he "needed a better control software to help streamline volunteer processes." And he likes the improvements made over time: "As the software improved, the debit cards and team bank accounts were game changers."
Rob Morton
Operations Director of Liverpool FC International Academy
Logo Kitsap Alliance
Kitsap Alliance has 21 teams & around 300 players; managing finances had been complicated. Shannon Bell, Executive Director, describes onboarding with the Groundwork platform: "Super easy, came with manuals. Teams all have individual treasurers with debit cards. Groundwork did trainings for each treasurer." 
Shannon Bell
Executive Director of Kitsap Alliance FC