Snap! Raise Helps Programs Across the U.S.

Snap! Raise is built on one mission: Change how youth programs fundraise by providing tools that create a lasting, positive change in the lives of students and coaches.


The Price to Play is Unexpected

Extracurricular activities are a vital part of a student's education. They provide an opportunity to reinforce positive values that are taught in the classroom – teamwork, responsibility, culture, and community. Through the strong bonds built with their mentors, a student’s growth can be nurtured into adulthood. But nearly 30% of parents say that the cost of these activities is higher than they expected.

The Snap! Raise Difference

This is where our platform helps to make a difference; with all the fundraising ideas out there, Snap! Raise supports teams through better, more efficient and effective fundraising. We work to keep more kids participating and more champions focused on those kids and their programs -- not on fundraising. Snap! Raise has worked with over 58,000 groups.

Since 2014, Snap! Raise has been changing the way teams fundraise while making an impact nationwide.


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With local experts across the country and remote solutions for any program, 
we are bringing youth programs online to champion their future.


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When Kids Win, Everyone Wins

Snap! Raise has worked with almost 3 million k-12 students participating in sports, activities, arts, and more.

School activity participation fees range depending on activity type but the average fees for: sports are $161, arts are $86, and other activities are $46.

With Snap! Raise, students are able to fundraise to cover the entire cost of most activities and over 95% of the fee to play a sport.

This means more kids can participate in activities and reap the benefits therein. K-12 students no longer have to worry about activities being too expensive and can instead worry about honing their craft in their activity of choice. 


We believe every kid needs a champion in their life - and often those coaches and teachers need a champion too.

In a recent study of program leaders across the country, 75% said they "totally rely" or "rely a great deal" on fundraising to address their group's costs. When a group leader's only lifeline to success is through fundraising, it can be a daunting or impossible task to improve their program year over year - the money they have is used to sustain, not to grow. 

But with Snap! Raise, group leaders are able to raise more money than through traditional fundraisers, and make that commitment to improving their programs.


How Much Money do Groups Actually Raise?


average raised fundraising


56% of groups raise more than their initial goal - what does that mean for you as a leader?


It means you can fulfill wish list items, travel opportunities are unlocked, and your program becomes
 a long-lasting and impactful organization for current and future participants. 


Fundraising for Programs From A to Z


program types


Our process and platform cover the spectrum for today's landscape of youth programs - 

Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer, our platform has what it takes to get you through your season.  


In addition to different group types, no group is too big or small. The largest group to run a campaign with
Snap! Raise was
799 participants (holy cow!!) and we’ve also had 102 groups with only 1 participant.




Groups across the country experience real impact through Snap! Raise Fundraisers

The value of fundraising goes beyond the dollars raised - it also opens up the
opportunity to change the impact of a group or activity. 

Group leaders can use the funds they raise to offer more students the chance to participate on their team or to open up travel opportunities that place their kids in front of college and professional recruiters.


Homewood HS Patriot Band

Homewood High School Patriot Band is Snap! Raise’s highest earning fundraiser (as of 2020), raising $112,890 during one of our standard 28 day campaigns, to fund their participation in the upcoming 2021 Tournament of Roses Parade at the Rose Bowl.

"I tell kids when you're in band, 'You're going to remember a few highlights of your entire high schoolcareer. And one of them is going to be what big parade did we get to go do."

Homewood Band Director Chris Cooper

Homewood Band Directors understand the lifelong value that their program brings to the the middle and high school bands, impacting over 1000 kids each year.

Band programs are Snap! Raise’s highest raising group, with the average Band fundraiser raising $7,937 per campaign! This comes from the motivation and dedication of Band Directors, "all the band directors on staff number one priority are the students; beginning middle and end."


Christopher Columbus HS Football

Columbus High School is a powerhouse when it comes to fundraising, and their 2019 8A State Championship football team excels both on the field and in fundraising. Since 2017, their yearly campaigns have raised; $72,021, $80,095, and $95,273. Each year the team shows up and their community joins them, knowing that the communities’ support is integral in helping to upgrade the high school football experience and to help with college recruitment opportunities for the teams’ players.


Robert Frost MS Music Department

Robert Frost Middle School is the proud owner of our most successful Middle School campaign to date, raising $70,096!

Why was this fundraiser important? It allowed the Band Director to continue to offer music training and practice from home. The money is helping with subscriptions for online music platforms during distance learning, sheet music, instrument purchases and repairs. "We are thankful we did the campaign last year so we don’t have to go down that path with parents during this stressful time."


National fundraising builds stronger local communities.

When communities utilize smarter technology, their dedication and impact is unmatched.


Traditional school fundraisers require students to sell products door-to-door and parents might end up purchasing more cookies or pretzels than they can even eat. And the real kicker? Students sacrifice invaluable practice and study time--not to mention they’re unable to engage with extended communities for support like Meemaw in the next state over.

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Thinking Outside the State

One of the many benefits of online fundraising with Snap! Raise is how easily students can reach family and friends far and wide via a simple process that drives more support. 

80% of Snap! Raise donors are from outside the school zip code and the average donor lives 276 miles away.



All Cheers, No Jeers 

The best part - we share what donors are saying to the groups. Kind and encouraging words
go a long way when kids are working as a team towards their dreams. 

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